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Meet Our Team 

Sea Kayak Jervis Bay & Sea Kayak Travel is a local family owned and operated business with over 70 years of combined Adventure Tour Operation Experience.

Ross Boardman - Sea Kayaking Instructor

Ross Boardman

Paddle Australia - Sea Kayaking Assessor / Instructor / Guide / Director  

Janet Boardman

Paddle Australia - Sea Kayaking / Instructor / Guide / Director  

There is nothing like it, the sound of the waves lapping at the shore, the scene from my tent and the satisfaction of a journey that i acheived under my own steam. Sea Kayaking has captivated me since 1989 when I discovered the sport whilst working in California.


You see, growing up in England, the outdoors was always a quintessential part of my life, the Irish Sea was my backyard and the Lake District was my favourite place that soothed the soul and made for amazing childhood memories and adventures.


My decision to move to Australia as a Professional IT Specialist allowed me to pursue my dreams of Scuba Diving, Sailing and Bushwalking and Jervis Bay has become the centrepiece of this dream and our home of over 25 years, and I love the whole essence of the region with it's stunning natural beauty and access to waterways and bushland at your doorstep.


Sea Kayaking is our life, it is our passion and our quest for the best adventure has taken us all over the world and I am so fortunate to have been able to introduce newcomers to the sport and share my passion with them on some of the best holidays on earth.    


Janet Boardman

Janet Boardman - Sea Kayak Travel.jpg

Ellen Boardman

Paddle Australia - Sea Kayaking  / Guide / Adventurer   

Think of the Sea , the Environment, the place where I feel at home, and that is where I will be.

My whole existence is one that feels connected to the water and the Jervis Bay Region. This area has captivated me in a way I can barely describe. It has driven me to study Environemental Science at the University of Wollongong, as I feel I can contribute to the understanding of Environmental issues and my love of  Adventure Sports has alowed me to delve deeper into that understanding.


My Kayaking lifestyle has taken me the world over, from Alaska, to Greece, to Canada , Tasmania and Western Australia, exploring inaccessible areas that are under threat from global pressures and I am able to see first hand a pristine area that must deserves protection. 

Our Sea Kayakaing operation has been our connection to the region's natural heritage and the scenic and pristine waterways of the Jervis Bay National and Marine Park.


Ellen Boardman  

Ellen Boardman - Sea Kayak Jervis

Let's face it, the banking sector wasn't for me. To be honest I couldn't get out of there quick enough. The discovery that I could work in the Scuba Diving Industry at age 21 basically spelled the career change that changed my life. 


As a young Diving Instructor, surrounded by passionate and inspirational friends and colleagues, I discovered a love for the Ocean, the Environment and for Outdoors that has become the basis of my entire life.


The fact that I can share these experiences with others has allowed me travel both locally and around the world in search of the perfect Sea Kayaking, Diving, Snorkeling and Sailing  Adventures whilst working in the Outdoors and in partnership with Janet , my Wife and Business Partner, we established in 1995 a most successful Sea Kayaking Operation, Touring, Tuition, Manufacturing and Distribution of some of the world's finest Sea and Surf Paddle-sports Equipment, right here in the Pristine Jervis Bay Region of NSW Australia. 

30 plus Years on, I still believe that there is no better way to experience a visit to our region , and simply the best holiday experience in a self contained intimate experience with the Sea ,wildlife, and local culture both here and in destinations the world over.

Regards - Ross Boardman

Dane Hallinan

Paddle Australia - Sea Kayaking  / Guide / Adventurer   

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