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Short and sweet - Berrara Creek

Kayaking Berrara Creek, paddle boarding berrara creek
Fishermans rock in the background

Leisurely exploration would be an apt description for this lovely little creek paddle. We figured that 3.15km one way is hardly worth loading up the sea kayaks, so we opted for a change of craft today. The paddle boards were challenging early with some headwind where the creek was wide and we cursed not having our kayaks while treadmilling for a while. Berrara creek is ideal for kayaking with kids or for the nervous or unexperienced paddler looking for the feeling of exploration. Plastic boats are best as it gets shallow at times and mostly rocky banks for launch and land along the way.

Beware that there is no phone service from about half way, so take a lot of care as an emergency evacuation would be hard to organise from past Fishermans rock, which is the last vehicular access and about one third of the way along. Check out the caves and local Aboriginal tool grinding grooves here.

The further you travel up the creek, the more the sense of adventure develops. I would encourage everyone to not give up and allow enough time to reach the waterfall at the top.

I was surprised at how excited I was during this adventure. The remoteness of the creeks upper reaches provided enough sense of adventure for even a seasoned ocean paddler. Birdlife was abundant in the ears but not so much the eyes with heavy bush providing excellent cover. The creek mouth is one of the best places around to see endangered pied oystercatchers and hooded plovers.

The waterfall is the perfect spot for a picnic, just be very careful walking around on the rocks. Waterfall is a bit of a stretch at most times but it is beautiful regardless. Some pretty pics in the sideshow of the top of the creek where you're rewarded with solitude for your efforts.

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